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Grooming Space  8F

Grooming Space 8F

SKU: groom 8F

Indoor grooming spaces are in the centrally located, horse stall building. This is a cooled building with spaces approx. 10 x 10 ft (sizes may vary). 
This year, RCKC has expanded the reservation system to allow you to reserve your specific stall assignment(s). GROOMING RESERVATIONS WILL ONLY BE TAKEN THROUGH THE WEBSITE. A map is available to assist in picking the remaining open spaces. Cost is $80 per space, for the entire weekend. You will receive an invoice with your paid stall number after your order is completed.
Note: RCKC reserves the right to reassign space location due to unforeseen circumstances. Management will make every attempt to find equivalent space.
Power is shared from overhead outlets and poles are not exclusive to individual spaces. ***If you have a stall with an outlet pole you MUST share it. *** Please bring your own extension cords for personal use. Club ladder(s) will be available should you need to access high overhead power although some of the highest outlets will have Club extension cords to tap in to and should not be removed. 
Bathing tub stations are provided courtesy of RCKC. Forced air and stand dryers are permitted for use inside your stall only. Generators will not be permitted in the grooming building. 
Reserved grooming building hours will be as follows: Thursday 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM  / Friday & Saturday 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM  / Sunday 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM. Dogs are permitted to be left overnight in the grooming building at the Exhibitor’s risk.
RCKC will not be held liable and/or responsible for dogs left unattended in the grooming building. RCKC may choose to have building security overnight, but is not guaranteed. No dogs should be left unattended on grooming tables, at any time. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to attend to their dog’s safety. Failure to follow the rules or the instructions of any show committee member may result in the forfeiture of your grooming space. Exhibitors are responsible to keep their reserved space clean. Do NOT leave trash in your stall. Please respect the adjoining spaces of the others around you. RCKC will not be responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items in the grooming building. Padlocking your space is allowed.
Vehicles will have 30 minutes to unload in the areas marked and then you must move your vehicle to designated parking areas. Vehicles left in the unloading area after 30 minutes may be ticketed, fined $50 and vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. 

  • Reserved Grooming Building Hours

    Building hours:

    Thursday                  3:00PM - 10:00PM
    Friday & Saturday 6:00AM - 10:00PM
    Sunday                      6:00AM  - 8:00PM

    All times Mountain Standard Time (MST)

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