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Interested in volunteering at the upcoming show? Please fill out the form below

Thank you for your time!

Please fill out the 2 pages of the Volunteer Form.

The first page is to gather your contact information. A valid email address and phone number that accepts text messages is ideal but either one is sufficient.

The online form will accept only one selection from the timeslots but if you have other availability, you may add them to the notes section.

Once the online form is submitted, the information is sent to the Club, and we will contact you within 72 hours.

If you download and print off the form, you may mark multiple timeslots and email to

Thank you again for contributing to the success of the Red Canyons Kennel Club Dog Show!

Volunteer opportunities

Parking Volunteer

As a Parking Volunteer you will need to accept money for day parking, provide maps and directions as needed.

You will be stationed at the Park entrance, outside with a tent provided for shade.

Grounds Volunteer

Grounds Volunteers are responsible for walking the grounds, cleaning up trash, restocking waste bags, and potentially picking up doggie waste.

Raffle/Catalog Volunteer

As a Volunteer at the Raffle Table in the Harmony Building, you will accept money for catalogs, water, club items for sale, and raffle tickets.

There will be an additional Catalog table with similar responsibilities (no raffle items, however) located in the Arena.

Hospitality Volunteer

As a Hospitality Volunteer in the Harmony Building, you will be responsible for bringing ice and water to Styrofoam coolers in 10 show rings. Periodically recheck coolers. Periodically see if judges need anything. Empty Styrofoam coolers at end of show and clean up trash as needed.

Golf Cart Driver Volunteer

As a golf cart volunteer driver, you will be responsible for transporting patrons between buildings and running errands as needed.

Grooming Volunteer

As a grooming volunteer, you will be working in the Hebron Stall Barn during the prep and checkout times of the Show. Duties include tape numbers on stalls, climb 7' ladder to hook up cords for electricity, set up dog bathtubs, and sweep out stalls, if needed.

Volunteer Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Do you accept text messages on this phone number
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