Red Canyons Kennel Club
P.O. Box #1357, St. George Utah 84771

RCKC AKC All Breed Conformation and Obedience/Rally Show

Registration Opens at 12pm PST May 29th 2024
Entries will be through Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows

There were so many of your favorite dog breeds and many breeds you may have never seen.
All the events:

  • Conformation (Dogs Compete against each other to find the one that matches their breed standard the best.)
  • Obedience (Dog and person compete as a team to test their connection and precision while performing various exercises)
  • Rally (Dog and person demonstrate their skill in performing behaviors like sit, down and stay at various signs placed throughout the ring)
  • AKC Fetch is a pass-fail noncompetitive test. The four levels of titles (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Retriever) assess the ability of the dog to retrieve.
  • Specialist OFA Veterinary Clinic (Veterinarians will be onsite and available for exams of Eyes, Patellas, Cardiac, Thyroid, and other OFA certification tests.).
  • Numerous Vendors offering products and services for your special K9.
  • Raffle and 50/50 – A large variety of personal and dog products were donated for a hugely popular raffle.

We are extremely honored to present this year’s RCKC 2024 Judge’s Panel

Dana P. Cline – Conformation
Jon Cole – Conformation
Sharon V. Derrick – Conformation
Carol Graham – Conformation
Gloria Kerr – Conformation
Linn Klinger Brown – Conformation

Patricia Trotter – Conformation
John Wade – Conformation
Susie Osburn – Obedience, Rally
Melvin Stanley – Obedience, Rally
Shirley Alexander – Fetch Trial
Gail Workman – Fetch Trial

Grooming Stalls

$95 - Thursday 9/5 3pm - Sunday 9/8 6pm

Our exclusive Indoor Grooming Space tailored for RKKC dog show exhibitors! Elevate your grooming experience with our centrally located horse stall building setup. Designed for utmost convenience and comfort, our cooled building ensures a pleasant environment for both you and your furry companions.

Each grooming space measures approximately 10 x 10 feet, providing ample room for all your grooming needs. While sizes may vary slightly, you’ll have plenty of space to groom your dog to perfection!

With our grooming stalls, you’ll enjoy:

  • Convenient Location: Easily access the grooming area within the heart of the event grounds, eliminating unnecessary hassle and saving you valuable time.
  • Comfortable Environment: Beat the heat with our cooled building, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience for you and your canine pals, regardless of the weather outside.
  • Spacious Design: Benefit from generous grooming space, allowing you to groom and prepare your dog with ease and efficiency.

RV Parking

Thursday 9/5 3pm - Sunday 9/8 9pm

$250 – 50 amp RV Space

$180 – 30 amp RV Space

$125 – non-electric RV Space

Each RV parking space measures a generous 20 feet by 48 feet, providing ample room for your vehicle and additional amenities. For rigs longer than 48 feet, rest assured that you can still join the action! Simply unhook and park your vehicle in the general parking lot.

Our RV Parking package offers three options to suit your needs:

  • 30AMP Hookups: Enjoy the convenience of electrical hookups, allowing you to power your RV and accessories effortlessly.
  • 50AMP Hookups: For those requiring higher power demands, our 50AMP hookups ensure reliable electricity supply throughout your stay.
  • Non-Electric Parking: On site RV spaces without electric hook-up access

With our RV Parking package, you’ll enjoy:

  • Prime Location: Benefit from convenient access to the event grounds, ensuring you’re never far from the excitement of the AKC dog show.
  • Spacious Design: Relax in comfort within our generously sized RV parking spaces, providing ample room for maneuvering and relaxation.

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